Meet Jessica Brittani

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Certified Youth, Parent, & Family Coach

Hi! I'm Jessica

During my teenage years, I found myself navigating a maze of uncertainty and self-doubt, unsure of where I fit in or who I truly was. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with moments of deep hurt and sadness, but it also sparked the beginning of a beautiful journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. Over the past decade, as I’ve dove into my own journey of personal development, I’ve discovered the incredible power of mindset tools in reshaping our lives and perspectives.


Now, fueled by a bubbling passion, I’m here to share these incredible insights with others who might be on a similar adventure. Specializing in providing support to children, teenagers, mamas, and families as a whole navigating the twists and turns of self-esteem, identity, and relationships, my mission is to sprinkle a little extra sparkle of self-worth, courage, and resilience into their lives.


At the heart of my coaching philosophy is the belief that asking the right powerful questions and creating a warm, cozy space where clients can freely explore their inner worlds is key. By tapping into their own inner empowerment and intuition, clients uncover solutions that have been waiting patiently within, leading to beautiful, lasting transformations.


I’m a big believer in the power of prevention too, helping families arm themselves with the tools and tricks they need to skip unnecessary bumps on their journey. With a sprinkle of empathy and understanding, drawn from my own adventures, I’m here to offer a helping hand and a listening ear, ready to embark on this delightful journey of self-discovery and growth together. Let’s make it an adventure filled with laughter, warmth, and lots of heart! 🌟