Hi! I’m Jessica, the founder of Calm & Colorful.

My mission for creating Calm & Colorful is to help children understand their emotions and teach children tools to handle different emotions children have, that will help them for the rest of their lives.

I’ve taught children of all ages over the past ten years which included volunteering in Thailand and India. In India, I even had the opportunity to work closely with Buddhist monks of all ages!

I have worked with hundreds of children and incorporated mindful techniques that provided comfort to children going through different difficult situations. The severity of the situations ranged from a child having a bad day to the loss of a loved one. Seeing the benefits of these techniques is why I decided to start a business to teach children how to handle their emotions themselves, as well as teach adults with children in their lives how to teach their children.

 About Mentoring

All online mentoring includes one hour sessions, check-ins with the parents, and individualized goal setting. A typical session goes as follows; review of what we will do that session, a quick “how are you feeling” check-in, transition breathing exercise, instructional discussion, mindfulness activity, “how are you feeling” reflection, gratitude sharing.

My mentoring programs for children are based on the WISDOM System for Coaching Children from Adventures In Wisdom.

This is a story-based coaching system for children ages 6-12, with fun and engaging programs. The programs provide tools and resources to empower kids to be leaders of their own life by taking full responsibility for their journey.

  • While being in the program, children learn how to overcome self-doubt, manage mistakes, and deal with peer pressure so they can develop strong self-esteem and powerful self-confidence for a lifetime. Each child’s month will look different then another, every child gets their own, individual instructional discussions.
  • The programs are designed in such a way that children feel like they’re playing: they’re easy and fun, but also teach skills and provide steps to take action.
  • We learn by reading stories to spark discussion rather than talking directly about challenges or situations. This helps them feel at ease because they are not being judged or put on the spot. I call this “teaching without preaching” or “learning without lecturing”.

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