Ways to Work With Me

Life as a teenage girl has always been challenging and has always been hard!
Today these challenges are intensified. Instead of feeling lost and choosing negative behaviors such as cutting, going into depression, and keeping it all inside, I want young girls to know they have the confidence inside them to be the amazing girl and woman she can be.

For Parents

If you’ve noticed a change in your teen or her struggling with anxiety, lack of self-esteem, fear of making mistakes, fear of judgment, or withdrawing; I am here to help your teen understand their feelings and discover who you are teen truly is.

I want your teen to be the best version of themself, and to feel empowered in their own skin while loving being alive and finding the beauty in every single day.

I do this through 1:1 sessions where I will meet your teen where she is at and empower her with the tools to build healthy self-worth, confidence, social skills, and self-awareness.

Together we can turn these vulnerable years into powerful ones that prepare them to handle the challenges of life- not just right now, but into adulthood too.

Calm & Colorful Coaches is a community for parents, teachers, and coaches to get certified as a Calm & Colorful Coach. In this beautiful community, you have training from Jessica Brittani, a community of like-minded coaches, space to be a coach in Viktoria’s Village, hand-holding, cheerleading, and everything you need and more to be the best children, teens and/or parent life coach you can be!

Traveling to schools, libraries, retreats, and more offering customized workshops around mindfulness, coping skills, self-concepts such as self-care, self-awareness, and self-worthiness.

I would love to come to you and customize something just for your community. I also create online workshops personalized for your school or community.