Coping In Color is a book series that teaches coping skills through interactive coloring books!
Calm & Colorful’s vision is to grow this series into an animation to connect these coping skills to daily challenges faced by all ages!

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What if you had a resource that would teach your children proper breathing exercises while having fun coloring? 

The Breathe in Color coloring book does just that, by helping improve focus, sleep, and handling emotions.

Breathe In Color


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Yoga In Color

This interactive coloring book guides you to practice mind body connection through yoga poses. These poses help children (and honestly any age) find peace, calm and serenity through stretches.

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Affirmations In Color

This interactive coloring book guides you to step into your power from changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Practicing these “I am” affirmations in this book will bring you more confidence, change your neural pathways and overcome self-sabotage. 

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