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Are you interested in a purposeful career, helping others achieve their goals?

Do you find yourself naturally encouraging family, friends, and colleagues?

Do you have a high level of empathy for others?

Are you interested in being a Certified Life coach and building a client portfolio?

This certification will prepare you for a viable coaching business:

  • ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • Foundational Coaching Skills
  • Building Motivation
  • The Guiding Principles of Coaching
  • The Change Process
  • Exploring Options
  • Removing Blocks
  • Creating Vision and Accountability
  • SMART Action Plans
  • Individual vs. Group Coaching
  • Pricing
  • Self-Awareness
  • Building your portfolio 

What Topics Are Covered to become a Certified Professional Coach?

Below are lessons that you will complete to get certified as a coach:
Coaching Basics
What is a coach?
What is coaching?

What is the International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition of coaching?
Who, as a coach, am I not trained to deal with?
What some important definitions in coaching?
Client agreement
Client Welcome Packet
Coaching client
Elevator speech
International Coaching Federation (also known as the ICF)
ICF Associate Certified Coach (also known as ACC)
ICF Professional Certified Coach (also known as an PCC)
ICF Master Certified Coach (also known as an MCC)
Pro bono
What are the stages to becoming a coach?
Stage 1: Getting Your Feet Wet
Stage 2: Learning and Implementing the Business Aspect of Coaching
Stage 3: Getting Official
Stage 4: Taking Your Skills to the Next Level
How do I make the career change to coaching?
How long will it take for a coach to have a full practice?
What can I do to help speed up the process?
Becoming a Coach Checklist
Setting Up Your Office- A Checklist
Can you further explain coaching niches to me?
What is a coaching “niche”?
Personal Coaching Niches
Business Coaching Niches
Can I have more than one niche?
How do I choose my niche?
What are the most in demand coaching niches?
What are the rarest coaches?
What are some other areas I could specialize in?
Do I have to be certified in that area to coach in it?
What is my “first free session”?
What makes a client eligible for coaching?
Qualified For Coaching Checklist
What are the key principles of coaching?

Understanding the ICF

Requirements to receive your Associate Certified Coach accrediting from the ICF are as follows:
Coach- Specific Hours
Letters of Recommendation
10 Hours of Coaching With an ICF Approved Coach
Coaching Experience
Completion of the ICF Exam
Commonly Asked Questions
How much power does the ICF hold?
Do clients check to see if I am ICF accredited?
How long is my ICF certification valid for?
What is the renewal process?
Are there any documents I should read if I am interested in pursuing ICF accrediting?
Does this a academy help me gain coaching hours?
Do I have to decide today if I want to apply?
Unlocking Your Client’s Passion
 What is the coach’s job?
How do you know your client need to find their passion?
Is there anything that can stop a client from finding their passion?
How do I help my client discover their passion?
The 5 Step Process
35 Passion Questions

Understanding Goal Attainment
Using PPS (An Example)
Long term vs. short term goals
General goal setting tips
Model Overview
Step 1: Create The Vision
Step 2: Formulating Goals Based on The Vision
Step 3: Create a Goal Attainment Action Plan
Step 4: Creating 100% Commitment to the Action Plan for the Coming Week
DVGS Coaching Model
Step 1: Identifying and Narrowing Down Dissatisfaction
Step 2: Identify What the Client Does Want- Their Vision
Step 3: Goal Setting
Step 4: Agree Upon the Steps (Action) the Client Will Take
Comprehensive 8 Step Success Model of Coaching
Step 1: Awareness of the Need for Change
Step 2: Awareness That an Expert is Required (Modeling)
Step 3: Increase Happiness
Step 4: Discover and Change Ineffective Beliefs
Step 5: Discover Your Client’s Vision
Step 6: Create Vision Based Goals
Step 7: Formulate the Task/Action Plan (Fieldwork)

Step 8: Celebrate, Review, Adjust and Set New Tasks
Putting Your Coaching Skills into Action
Situational Conversations
Take Your Coaching to the Next Level
Exercise 1: Map Your Journey
Exercise 2: Brainstorming Options
Exercise 3: Creating an In Depth, Brilliant Vision
Exercise 4: Creating an Effective Fieldwork or Action Plan for the Coming Week
Exercise 5: Stimulating Creativity
Exercise 6: The Belief Journal

Creating the Action Plan
Action Plans 101 (Strategic Planning)
Figure 1.1: Short term goals in the process of goal attainment
Action Plan Prep
Strategizing and Creating the Action Plan
The 5 steps in Strategic Planning
Helpful Client Questions
Necessary Coach Questions
Increasing Your Client’s Commitment Level
Creating Action Plans Within an Organization
Coaching Planning Model (CPM)
Strategy Tools
Action Plan Chart
Coaching Planning Model
Overview: Coaching Relationship Timeline

Questioning In Coaching
The Golden Rule of Coaching
General Questioning Guidelines
Questions for Every Scenario
Discovering What is On the Client’s Mind
Discovering How You Can Best Coach Your Client
Enabling the Client to Remember Their Strength
Working with Your Client to Build Their Support Network
Finding a Path
Clarifying the Need For Goals (Life Change)
Identifying Strengths, Passions and Gifts
Generating Income
Identifying the Roadblocks
Using Questions to Navigate Through Problem Scenarios
Additional Skills Practice
Questions and Goal Setting
Finding a Vision
Using the Vision to Create Goals
Pre-Coaching Questionnaire
Coaching Prep Exercise
The 3 Parts of a Coaching Session
Fieldwork, Homework or Short Term Goals
Progress Management Questions
Additional Questions for Use During the Coaching Session
Group Coaching
Introduction and Benefits to Group Coaching
Benefits to group coaching
Basic Details About Group Coaching
Number of Participants
Recommended Fees
Length and Frequency
Where Group Coaching Sessions Are Held
Types of Coaching Groups
Type A: Same Company or Organization
Type B: Same Profession
Type C: Common Goal
Examples of Type C: Common Goal Groups
Type D: Common Struggles
Type E: Mastermind or Success Focused Coaching Group
The Standard Group Coaching Model
Materials you will need for group sessions
Intro and welcome
“Bringing it to the Group”
Accountability Partners
Using the Timer
Final Notes
Listening, Acknowledging and Empowering
The coaching process examined
General Listening Tips
Forms of acknowledgement
Acknowledge by complimenting
General Compliment Tips
Acknowledge by Celebrating
Acknowledge by Highlighting Strengths
Acknowledge by Giving the Gift of Silence
Acknowledge by Holding the Vision
Empowering Your Client
Setting Personal Boundaries
Setting Boundaries
Clients Who Over Promise Themselves (And Never Seem to Have Time to Themselves)
Judgmental Clients
Listening Guidelines for Different Client Types
Questions for Self Reflection 
Article – Clean Environment – Clean Mind
Why you should clean, sort, toss
How to Get Rid of Things
Questions to Help You Coach Yourself During This Process
Plus: Going Into Business For Yourself
Creating Your Own Business Plan
Setting Up Your Coaching Business in 9 Steps
Step 1: Choose Your Business Name
Step 2: Choose Your Domain Name
Tips When Choosing a Domain Name
Step 3: Register Your Business
Step 4: Create a Logo
Step 5: Open a Business Bank Account
Step 6: Select a Business Email Address
Step 7: Get a Toll-Free Number (but only if you want to)
Step 8: Get a PayPal Account
Step 9: Register With a Website Company
Common Business Questions Coaches Have
What are the 3 stages to becoming a coach?
How do I make the career change to coaching?
How long will it take for a coach to have a full practice?
How do first sessions usually run?
How long do coaching sessions usually run?
Should I have a toll free number?
What is the Client Welcome Package?
The Client Welcome Pack contains the following:
How does the client agreement help protect me legally?
How do I conduct general (one individual) coaching sessions? (Suggested Questions For Your Clients)
When should I start coaching?
What should I strive for when becoming a successful coach?
How do I decide how much to charge my clients?
What skills must a coach to know to be effective?
The following skills will be covered through your training:
Coaching Session Cheat Sheet #1
What is the general individual and couple coaching time line?
Coaching Session Cheat Sheet #2
What makes a client eligible for coaching?
Coaching Cheat Sheet #3
What are the 3 stages to becoming a coach?
Coaching Cheat Sheet #4
Setting Up Your Business- A Recommended Checklist
GOAL: Opening your business

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