Why Emotionally check in with your Child?

It’s important for parents to check in with their child through all stages of their lives. 

Every age new challenges appear, it’s hard to figure out where you fit in. Children experience different emotions, challenges and changes in their lives.

When the parent is open and respectful and offering unconditional love it allows the child to confide and trust the parent with the changes they are experiencing.

I created a list of 55 questions to make checking in with your child as easy as ever! 

Benefits of emotionally checking in
with your child:

✔️ Increasing resilience and grit

✔️ Decrease whining and complaining

✔️ Build emotional strength

✔️ Build confidence

Hi, I'm Jessica Brittani!

I am the founder of Calm & Colorful. I have been teaching in different settings since 2008. I am certified as a Mindfulness Teacher, Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator, Kids Life Coach, and Yoga Instructor. I was extensively trained in mindfulness-based approaches and engages in a rigorous, ongoing process of training and supervision. I love offering self-awareness and self-worth tools to children and teens around the world whether it be online or me traveling and guiding in person workshops!