with Calm & Colorful   

What if your teen can grow within themselves and build friendships at the same time? 

Calm & Colorful  Community is designed for teens to connect with themselves and others.

A built in community of teens. Resources to center yourself as an individual whiling learning tools to support your friends & family building connection and communication.

Giving you the space to take care of themselves helps replenish their energy, focus and positivity. You will have more patience to as a sibling, friend and all around human!

What's included?

Monthly Self Concept Workshop Theme Examples:

Week 1: Self Concept Workshop Call- new self concept each month (examples above)

Guest Expert Interview (ex: financial literacy, teen coaches, suicide prevention/awareness, and many more)

Week 2: New Coping Strategy

Week 3: Self Care Accountability Call 

Week 4: Guest Expert Workshop or Q&A Call

Weekly: Reflection Questions, Life Coach Check In’s, Ongoing Support, Teen Hang Out Chat

BONUS Workshops: Workshops such as Family Communication, Family Connection, Breathwork, Financial Literacy, Suicide Prevention, and much more!

All workshops will be recorded and uploaded where you will have access to view them.  There will also be written workbooks available. 


What do I get when I sign up?

Within 24 hours of joining you get access to the online community space, inside you will find chat areas, resources and a space where you can ask the coach questions (that’s me!). Look out for a welcome email so you can get started! 


Daily access to: 

Discord Server


-Hangout Space

-Celebration Space


-Space teens to share their creativity

-Your Own Private Space where you can journal, take notes, etc.


Weekly you will get:

-Check in's and Reflections  

-Affirmations around that month’s theme

-Affirmation Action Steps to learn simple ways to incorporate affirmations in your daily life 


Monthly you will get:

-Reflection/Intention Setting Check-in Questions

-New theme/topic of the month

Video Call

-Themed lesson and activity

-Video Calls

-Virtual Teen Hangout Space

What does "accountability" mean?

Life gets busy and our day to day tasks take over. We forget our goals and to take care of ourselves sometimes. In this membership there is a space for teens to share goals and intentions. Teens can keep each other accountable and check in with each other they are making time for themselves. We provide intention check in's for teens to fill out and print to help keep themselves accountable to be their best self. Lastly, we have a self care call every single month where we choose to have the space to take care of ourselves. It's a scheduled time for self care. We will have different ideas to do during this time so there is guidance 🙂

What is the parent community?

As a bonus to the teen community, parents get a space in a parent community to connect with other parents.

Where is the online community space?


If you are unfamiliar with Discord, there is a welcome video that explains how to use it. I am also available for any questions and more than happy to support you in learning, whether it’s Jessica or another Calm & Colorful team member you will get all your questions answered!

How do I know this is a safe community for my teen?

Our Discord channel is private and only allows other teens in. When a teen signs up we hop on a short video call to confirm their age and who they are. Jessica (our coach) is constantly in the discord group reading comments and conversations making sure there is appropriate and supportive communication. 

Do you offer a membership for parents?

Only as a bonus for joining the teen community! Check it out here: www.calmandcolorful.com/parents

Viktoria is my Why.

Viktoria was one of Jessica’s first little girls when she started her career working with children. She started watching her when she was in pre-school.

Viktoria was such a happy child and had a great life, but nobody knew how harsh her thoughts really were. Fast forward to when Viktoria was 13 years old and she took her own life.

From Jessica struggling with mental illness herself over the years after experiencing the loss of Viktoria from a mental illness it is important to Jessica to honor Viktoria. Jessica created Viktoria’s Village to provide tween/ teens with knowledge of their self-worth while giving them space to build friendships and gain confidence.

Viktoria’s Village is a safe space for parents and teens to gain tips and tools on how to either help avoid facing a mental illness or for those already struggling, to learn these tools to help them cope.

This is a membership with a supportive community and with Jessica Brittani’s guidance, love and support!