Jessica Brittani is a Mindset Mentor for teenage girls, an author of Breathe In Color, an interactive breathing coloring book. She is in the process of creating the series of more interactive books teaching coping skills. She is also traveling the world working with children doing retreats and running workshops at schools, in communities and book events.

Jessica is a magnet with children, they love her kind and gentle spirit. Children are drawn to her. Using her own life lessons, she has the ability to help teenage girls in particular to become empowered to love themselves unconditionally, feel comfortable in their own skin and guide them in making courageous decisions that lead to independent, positive and intentional choices. Jessica accomplishes this by building trust with her genuine caring nature. Her sessions are 1:1 where she teaches these beautiful girls to change their mindset, build self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness and social skills.

If you have a teenage daughter, Jessica is the person to reach out to. With all the different tools and her mindset shift she will share; your daughters will be thanking you.

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