Calm & Colorful Membership

A membership for
teens to grow &
parents to thrive!

A community for parents. A community for teens. Two separate communities. One big family breakthrough!


Are you and your teen constantly on the go?! 


They’re hustling to get homework done, have a social life, and all the extracurriculars… Meanwhile you’re keeping up with their calendar and your own?!


And in the mix of it all… Communication and connection get lost.

What if you could:

  • Have a toolkit of coping tools for your teenager to flourish?!

  • Know how to calmly and confidently communicate with your teen?



Meanwhile, your teen is:

  • Taking action towards their goals

  • Strengthening their own emotional intelligence

  • Creating more calm in their life

What if you could join a membership that has an identical membership for your teenager?
So your teen can grow within themselves and you can thrive as a parent. 

 The Calm & Colorful  Membership is designed for both teens and parents to connect with themselves and each other.
Each community is separate… So parents can talk about parent things and teens can talk about teen things. 
But together, you both learn the same tools to create a beautiful life!  
As the parent, you are your teens biggest role model. That’s why I thought it was important to have a space for parents in this membership, so that can see you focused on your growth too!

Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls
Drama-Free, All-Inclusive, Safe Space
Practice Coping Skills
Ongoing Support
Weekly Intention Setting
Meet like minded friends
Ready to join?!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I get when I sign up?

Immediately you get access to the online community space, inside you will find chat areas, resources and a space where you can ask the coach questions (that’s me!).

Every week you will get:

-Reflection/Intention Setting Check-in Questions


Bi-monthly you will get:

-Zoom call (switches parent/teen every month)

-New coping skills introduced 

-Virtual hang out space 

Every January & June

-Create a vision/ goal for the next 6 months

-Group Zoom call (Parents & Teens)

-Celebrate accomplishments 

-Team virtual games

Do both the parents and teens have to sign up?

No! I recommended it, so you can model the tools I provide for families. However, I do have a teen only package, or the parent only package.

Can I join as a parent if I don’t have a teenager?

Absolutely! These tools you will learn and practice are beneficial for everyone!

Where is the online community space?


If you are unfamiliar with Discord, there is a welcome video that explains how to use it. I am also available for any questions and more than happy to support you in learning, whether it’s Jessica or another Calm & Colorful team member you will get all your questions answered!

How does the Zoom calls work?

We meet every other month as follows:

November 2021: Parents

December 2021: Teens

January 2022: Parents

February 2022: Teens  

And so on…

On each call we will have the first half or so with a lesson of some type, whether it’s learning and practicing a new coping skill or digging into a self concept such as self discovery, self love, self responsibility, etc. You will walk away with a new tool to incorporate into your life. As the parent, your teen will observe you creating this positive habit and when we have our Teen call they will learn that same tool and start tying it into their life. 

The second part of our Zoom sessions are virtual hang outs so teens can make like minded friends and parents can communicate with each other over video. 

How do I know this is a safe community for my teen?

Our Discord channel is private and only allows other teens in. When a teen signs up we hop on a short video call to confirm their age and who they are. Jessica (our coach) is constantly in the discord group reading comments and conversations making sure there is appropriate and supportive communication. 

How much does the membership cost?

As we grow the cost is $11.11 per individual (Parent or Teen) that joins. If you choose to join with your teen then it costs $14.44. 

This membership is included as a bonus to all private clients with their coaching series.

As an International Mindset Mentor for teens and Calm and Colorful Founder, Jessica Brittani, empowers youth with the confidence to love and accept themselves unconditionally, feel comfortable in their skin, and make courageous decisions that lead to independent, positive, and intentional choices.

Jessica serves her teens through transformative 1-on-1 coaching sessions and in-between session support. Her teens never feel stuck or alone as they face life challenges, she believes strong relationships are a key to self-development! Jessica is passionate about helping teens gain confidence, self-responsibility, and emotional intelligence through mindset tools, coping skills, and self-concepts.

With this work, she has noticed parents need support too! In order to have a well rounded, calm home environment most families are dreaming of everyone needs to communicate and be on the same page. This is what inspired Jessica to create this membership- to help create a balanced home by guiding parents to be positive and influential role-model. By being a parent "being their best self" will teach your child to and how to "be their best selves".

She travels full-time spreading her work everywhere she goes. Her family is her everything! When she is home in California she has as much cousin time as possible.