Mindfulness: Observe and Meditate

Reaching a complete mindfulness is simple but comes with quite the challenges. Most of the time, it’s because our world is always bombarding us with advertisements, news, and gossips; our mind is constantly processing all this information.

These simple activities can help practice your mindfulness. Before proceeding with any of this, make sure that you have enough time to calm yourself down and make sure that no one will come disturb your time.

The first one is to learn to observe the happenings. Find a place that overlooks the city from your balcony or a place that you are comfortable with. Sit, not stand, and observe the things that happen.

Remember that you are only an observer; you don’t act, nor judge the things that unfold before you. You simply have to realize and be able to process what is going on. However, as human beings, we are bound to begin judging by something.
When that happens, its okay, don’t punish or shake it off violently. Instead, calmly, revert back to your observation mode. Leave the thought behind. Do this as regularly as possible? Make sure you don’t skip a day.

This is extremely useful to those who are constantly faced with ‘loud’ places or hectic schedule. The less time you have in your life to relax, the more important it is to do meditation in the midst of your free time.

Find a comfortable spot to sit on. If you like your bed, you can do it there. If you like your sofa or sitting on the floor, sure, go on. Make sure you sit in a comfortable position, such as crossing your legs or putting them down when you sit on a chair. Crossing the legs will cause blood to circulate unevenly and disturbs the process.

Don’t let your arm flail aimlessly. Put them on your legs. It anywhere is fine, as long as they are properly supported and not flying in the air.

Focus on breathing and just like in observation mode; do not shake off wandering thoughts violently. Let them come and go. Go back to focus on your breathing.