Who is Jessica Brittani?

Jessica Brittani is a mindfulness mentor. She guides children and teachers with tips and tricks on mindfulness, mindset and movement.

Jessica was a preschool teacher and worked for many years as an after-school teacher in elementary schools. She has traveled to Thailand and India volunteering to teach English as a second language.

For years Jessica used mindfulness exercises in the classrooms and saw the amazing benefits which how Calm & Colorful was created.

July 2018, Jessica published an interactive coloring book that teaches children breathing exercises called Breathe In Color.

How does she do it?

Jessica offers to come into schools and guide teachers on how to create a mindfulness practice for themselves first. Then she focuses on sharing resources for creative ways to bring mindfulness, movement and how to create a growth mindset in the classroom.

Jessica uses play, videos, and stories to teach these lessons. Teachers and children walk away feeling more calm, aware and confident using these tools on a daily basis and tying them into their curriculum.

Jessica teaches breathing exercises in a classroom or assembly setting. We practice “check-ins” and learn different tools so every individual can walk away with a new tool to help them.

A few other main topics that are focused are gratitude, self-love, resilience, and problem solving.

How teachers and students can benefit from what I have to say and do?

These tools that Jessica shares help the children in the classroom and at home. As well as calmer and more collected teachers.

Children have their “stuff” and so do teachers, it is easy to bring our “stuff” into the classroom (as a child or teacher), but with mindfulness tools and being in the present moment we (children and teachers) are able to handle difficult situations better.

Building these skills while children are not feeling any negative feelings, helps them know what to do when negative feelings do come.

Every teacher will walk away from the workshop with (what I like to call) a tranquility kit. Some other terms could be calm down corner, break spot, chill zone, etc. Teachers will feel confident adding mindfulness into the classroom and will be able to bring a variety of activities into the classroom helping create a calmer environment.

I would LOVE to come to your school.

Email me at [email protected]

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