Who is Jessica Brittani?

I am Jessica Brittani, a mindfulness mentor. I guide students with tips and tricks for mindfulness, mindset and movement.

I was a preschool teacher and worked many years as an after-school teacher in elementary schools. I have also traveled to Thailand and India where I volunteered to help teach English to locals.

In my days as a teacher, I experienced many children breakdown because mom or dad were late picking up the child, even if it was only by a few minutes. Children forgetting their lunch in the classroom was another earth-shattering moment. I have an endless list of reasons children’s lives came crashing down on them. Breathing exercises was my go-to for these moments and it’s incredible how well it worked.

For years I used mindfulness exercises in the classrooms and saw the amazing benefits, this is why I created Calm & Colorful.

July 2018, I published an interactive coloring book that teaches children breathing exercises called Breathe In Color.

Creating this coloring book about breathing helped me when it came to grieving for my father. With mindfulness, I was able to handle a very difficult situation and find gratitude.

How does she do it?

I offer to travel to schools around the world. In classrooms and assembly settings I guide children to become more mindful of the present moment while building life skills.

I use plays, videos, and stories to teach these lessons. Children walk away feeling more calm, aware and confident using mindset tools on a daily basis. For teachers that are present, they often tie my lessons into their teaching curriculum.

My main focus is breathing exercises. Each child gets a sample copy of Breathe In Color so they can color along with me (the author) while I lead “breathing breaks”. This way we are able to practice the skills together. Other main topics that I focus on are gratitude, self-love, resilience, and mindset growth.

How students can benefit?

These tools that I share help the children in their classroom and at home. Having calmer students also helps the teacher teach in a much more positive environment.

Children have their “stuff” (problems and issues) and so do teachers. It is easy to bring our “stuff” into the classroom but being present in the moment with mindset tools can make handling difficult situations better. Building these skills while children are not feeling any negative feelings, helps them know what to do when negative feelings do come.

More details...

About the training:

This training provides the opportunity to raise classroom personal awareness, to explore, identify and address classism with mindfulness. The training supports organizations to become more inclusive and for individuals to create calmer classrooms. Which will lead to more meaningful engagement and a less stressful environment for the students. What makes Jessica unique is, she uses her book Breathe In Color as a foundation to her workshops.

We will:
Practice mindfulness awareness tools
Learn benefits of mindfulness awareness
Identify and implement social/emotional learning tools

•    Practice simple yoga movements and sitting
•    Practice breathing exercises
•    Guiding sections of core mindfulness-based practices and practicing these skills in small peer groups
•    Reflective discussions
•    Personal journaling to embed learning
The intention is to create a group process that feels safe and trustworthy. To discover an open and spacious learning environment where we can encourage each other to be spontaneous and creative.

Learning outcomes & Teaching skills:
By the end of the training, participants will have:
•    Practiced and developed skills to understand how to guide mindfulness-based practices
•    Developed an understanding of the ways of learning and teaching with mindfulness, for example:
•     Once you can feel grounded, you can be there for your students
•     Bringing investigation, exploration, and curiosity into the learning process
Personal practice:
By the end of the training participants will be able to:
•    feel more present in their own body
•    understand and respond to emotional needs
•    connect with themselves in a better way
Theory and professional issues:
By the end of the training participants will learn about:
•    the origins and context of mindfulness in contemporary settings
•    the central importance of a commitment to a sustained path of personal development and practice
•    the importance of committing to personal/professional supervision and self-care for mindfulness teachers

Who is the training for:

 This workshop is for classroom students. Jessica also offers training suitable for all education professionals including teachers (new and established), trainers, supervisors, mentors and administrators with an interest in expanding their knowledge.

What is involved:

The first step in promoting equality and accessibility is to change people’s hearts and minds. Authentic human connection in a mixed-class group can be transformational for everyone. Through interactive group learning we will explore each other’s stories with curiosity and compassion.  We will also have the opportunity to explore how classism is expressed on an organizational level and the steps that we can take to increase inclusion.

Our trainer:

Jessica Brittani is the founder of Calm & Colorful. She is also the author of Breathe In Color, an interactive coloring book that teaches breathing exercises, and is currently creating a series of books teaching coping skills. She has been teaching in different environments since 2008. She is certified as a Mindfulness Teacher, Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator, Children’s Life Coach, and Yoga Instructor. She has been extensively trained in mindfulness-based approaches and engages in a rigorous, ongoing process of training and supervision. Jessica travels around the world to schools offering these workshops. In addition to Jessica traveling, she is mentoring teen girls through 1:1 zoom sessions.

Contact us:
Please feel free to email us at info@calmandcolorful.com  to discuss any questions you may have about the training. We will ensure that your query reaches the correct person.

I would LOVE to come to your school.

Email me at jessica@calmandcolorful.com