Who is Jessica Brittani?

Jessica Brittani is a mindfulness mentor and founder of “Calm & Colorful”. She guides children, teens and teachers with tips and tricks on mindfulness, mindset and movement. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in business, TEFL certificate, meditation teacher certificate and maintains her CPR/First Aid certification as an instructor.

Jessica was a preschool teacher and worked for many years as an after-school teacher in elementary schools. She has traveled to Thailand and India as a volunteer, teaching English as a second language.

For years Jessica has used mindfulness exercises in the classroom and has seen the amazing benefits it provides to kids and teens. From this experience, she has created her business “Calm & Colorful” through which she is able to teach and continue to spread her message.

In July of 2018, Jessica published an interactive coloring book that teaches children breathing exercises called Breathe in Color.

The purpose of the retreat:

This retreat was inspired because of Viktoria. Viktoria was a child that Jessica was very close with and was apart of her life during her informative years. Viktoria was smart, talented and kind. She suffered from depression was unable to cope and took her own life at age 13. This retreat is in honor of Viktoria’s memory to help your daughter become aware of her self worth and provide her with the valuable tools she will need to be able to cope with the pressures of teenage life such as bullying, school, body image, social status, educational status, etc. The key is to prepare her with the tools she’ll need as early as possible, so she can carry them with her throughout her life.

After attending the retreat, Your daughter will feel empowered and prepared with tangible tools and resources to handle those moments when she is feeling down or lacking confidence. Using activities and crafts each girl will go home with a bag of tools they can pull from at any time. Some examples a crystal necklace, breathing jar, stress ball, vision board, worry stone, mindful lap bag, essential oil bath bomb, self talk mirror, and many more.

Through an interactive workbook she will learn powerful life skills, such as: mastering positive self-talk, learning how our minds work, and the power of self-awareness. She will learn mindfulness activities which will promote self-love, help alleviate stress, stabilize emotions, and develop calm and grounding on a daily basis. As a group we will raise each other’s energetic vibrations through fun, love, self-care & mindfulness activities. As parents, you are a key part of your daughter’s support system and can benefit from the tools your daughter will learn as well.  The first day is to get our boundaries of the safe space we are in. For the second day, I invite the parents to join us to help build upon what the girls learn on day 1 and give you the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your daughter.

How tweens can benefit:

The tools that Jessica shares will help your daughter in everyday life. Daughters have their “stuff”, just like adults, but with mindfulness tools and the ability to be in the present moment, both are better able to handle difficult situations. Understanding mindset and perspective will help open our eyes to how much control they have of themselves and how to take responsibility for themselves.

“The teen brain is still undergoing a period of active construction,” explains Dr. Jean Clinton, an associate clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neuroscience at McMaster University, Division of Child Psychiatry. “And, during this time, teenagers are more reactive. Mindfulness allows them to pay attention to their feelings rather than being their feelings.”

Mindfulness also involves accepting what you are feeling and understanding that an emotion is just an emotion: it doesn’t control you, explains Shelley Hermer, a social worker based in Peterborough, Ontario. “Feelings come and feelings go. And there’s no such thing as a bad feeling. Being angry is just as valid as being excited.”

Building these skills in a safe and supportive environment while she is not in the midst of negative thoughts, helps her be prepared for what to do when negative thoughts are present.

What is the investment?

We have a small group setting, 4-10 girls ages 10-14 years old. This ensures your daughter gets appropriate attention and quality of instruction. Space is limited and will enroll on a first come, first serve basis.

We require payment in full to secure your daughter’s spot in the program.

Calm & Colorful donates a percentage of teen programs (Viktoria’s Village Retreat and Viktoria’s Village Online Community) to “The Smile Project” in honor of Viktoria. The Smile Project is a nonprofit organization that spreads Happiness through intentional acts of kindness. The Smile Project empowers young people to start SPARK (Strengthening Positivity and Reinforcing Kindness) clubs in their schools, allowing them to learn valuable leadership skills and better their communities through acts of kindness and service.


Day 1: Daughters Only

9am- Healthy Breakfast snacks

10am- Discuss the meaning of self-awareness, mindfulness, grounding

11am- Self Discovery (workbook and vision board activity)

12pm- Healthy Lunch (Provided)

1pm- Mindset Discussion

2pm- Mindset Activities

3pm- Sharing Time

3:30pm- Pick Up

Day 2: Daughters & Parents 

9am- Healthy Breakfast snacks

10am- Self-Awareness Discussion

11am- Self-Awareness Activities

12pm- Healthy Lunch (Provided)

1pm- Self Love Discussion

2pm- Self Love Activities

3pm- Sharing Time

3:30pm- Pick Up


“I have known Jessica Brittani for 8 years. During this time she has demonstrated a nurturing and caring nature, as well as a desire to help children and teens become their better selves. She has shown a great level of commitment in her desire to learn new ways of helping children and teens reach their full potential, such as creating a workbook to help kids use breathing as a way of dealing with anxiety. During the last few weeks, she has shown my daughter a unique and loving way to help her learn to love who she is as a person and grow in self-confidence.”

-Lisa, Mother of Maddy, 14 years old

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