SELF Group Program for Parents AND Teens


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We will have 2 different groups! 

Parents will meet with other parents for 9 LIVE coaching calls! 

Teens meet with other teens for 9 LIVE coaching calls!

What’s included in these 3 transformational months?

-2 Group Programs

-Discord Group

-18 live group calls


-Interactive Workbook

Begins July!
Spaces are limited!
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Every week we discuss a different part of our SELF model:

State of Mind

“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind” -Tony Robbins

Topics we will discuss:

  • Gain Awareness

  • Rewire our Brains

  • Blast Limiting Beliefs 

  • Shifting our state of mind instantaneously

Empowering Emotions

Topics we will discuss:

  • Gaining Emotional Awareness

  • Learn to identify emotions

  • Becoming more emotionally intelligent

  • Understanding emotions

  • How to regulate emotions through coping skills 


Topics we will discuss:

  • Importance of language

  • Self Talk

  • Affirmations

  • Core Values

  • Body Language

  • How are thoughts work

  • The magical word “yet”


“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all our resources on mastering a single area of our lives. Where focus goes, energy flows.”

-Tony Robbins

Topics we will discuss:

  • Workbooks to dig deeper in State of Mind, Emotions, and Language

  • Procrastination

  • Motivation

  • Focus Meditation

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About Jessica

Jessica is the founder of Calm & Colorful  and Viktoria’s Village. 

Growing up Jessica struggled with her self worth. This minimal amount of self worth led to depression and poor choices of allowing others to treat her poorly. She did everything for everyone else and did not understand the concept of self love. After years of struggling with depression and not understanding who she was she finally took action and hired a life coach who helped her love her life and find her purpose in life. 

At the beginning of Jessica’s self growth journey, a little girl she used to babysit as a preschooler was 13 years old and took her life. Her name is Viktoria. Viktoria struggled with depression as well and lots of people had no idea how harsh her thoughts were. This is when Viktoria’s Village came to life. 

From Jessica’s own struggles she is passionate to honor Viktoria and teach tools to teens to understand themselves better. Jessica created a special secrets to success with the acronym SELF.  This group program digs deep into truly understanding and stepping into our best selves living a life of happiness with tools to handle challenges with resilience! 

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How old are the teens in the teen group? 
We are currently only offering the group teen program for 14-18years old. In the future we will have pre-teen and college age group programs. Sign up for the waitlist by emailing: subject Waitlist (Age) 

What if I don’t have a teen yet? Can I join the parent group? 

ABSOLUTELY!!! Our parent group has parents with children of all ages! The tools you will learn will guide you as the parent to be the role model in your home for your children/ teens.