Every workshop you will walk away with a tangible “tool box” for each topic.

The Power of Self Care

Learn the importance of self care and the benefits. You will walk away with a self care practice for your every day.

The Power of Self Awareness

Create your life story. You will walk away knowing how to be more self-aware.

The Power of Mindfulness

Guiding you to acknowledge senses, understand your emotions, and understand the benefits of being in the moment. Learn tools to quickly and easily be brought back to the moment. You will walk away knowing how to bring mindfulness in your every day.

The Power of Breathe In Color

You will walk away feeling more calm with breathing tools to help you to respond rather than reacting.

The Power of Yoga

How to bring yoga into your classroom or corporation

The Power of Growth Mindset

The Power of Self Talk

The Power Of Failure

The Power of Fear

The Power of Conditional Thinking

The Power Of Social Emotional Skills

We offer these workshops online or travel to your event or school. We are happy to create a workshop personalized for your community.

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