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Teaching children meditation, mindfulness, self-confidence, self-love and positive life skills to help them cope with whatever life may bring their way.

our passion is teaching children how to handle their emotions

We teach children meditation, mindfulness, self-confidence, self-love and positive life skills. Through meditation, children can transition more easily and more calmly. We teach them how to respond and not react.

Benefits Include:
    *Reduction in Anxiety
    *Better Stress Management
    *Development of Emotional, Social & Physical Growth
    *Improved Self-Esteem & Confidence
    *Improved Focus & Concentration in School
    *Decrease in Sleep Problems Due To Reduced Mental & Physical Tension

Breathe in Color

This fun, interactive coloring book combines mindfulness practices with art!

This book teaches children how to handle their emotions by teaching breathing techniques that help them become mindful in their reaction and response. This coping skill is one of the many that will create the foundation as they grow, enabling them to utilize these techniques whenever they need them.

This coloring book is available in both Print and Digital formats

Text MINDFUL to 474747 to Receive Weekly Mindful Messages

"Just Breathe"

This video shows children talking about their emotions and how they feel when they get angry. About 1:30 (a minute and 30 seconds) into the video the children discuss using breathing and how they calm themselves to help deal with their emotions.

Laying the foundation

There is no denying that life comes with many challenges and how we handle them as individuals, shapes us. Knowing how to react and respond to each of them is not always easy for many of us. That is why it is my mission to teach the next generation how to face each challenge head on by utilizing mindfulness coping skills. This is the foundation that will carry them throughout their life, always able to take life in stride… one breathe at a time.