Mindset & Life Coaching for Families

Learning the tools to live a calm & colorful life starting young.

If your child or teenager

Struggles with:
Low Self Esteem

These years matter most!

It’s important for parents to check in with their child through all stages of their lives. Teenage years are extremely challenging and it’s hard to figure out where you fit in. Teens are experiencing different emotions, challenges and changes in their lives. When you, as the parent, are open and respectful and offering unconditional love it allows your child to confide and trust the parent with the changes they are experiencing. These years are so important to raising an emotionally independent daughter.
There is no denying that life comes with many challenges and how we handle them as individuals, shapes us. Knowing how to react and respond to each of them is not always easy for many of us. That is why it is my mission to teach the next generation how to face each challenge head on by utilizing mindfulness coping skills. This is the foundation that will carry them throughout their life, always able to take life in stride…
one breathe at a time.
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Hi, I'm

Jessica Brittani

I work directly with teenagers. I believe every teen deserves to love and accept themselves unconditionally. It’s better to learn these tools early than late. I am on a mission to empower teens, working 1:1 with them, I also believe its important for children to start young and I have the resources to support parents to teach these important tools to your children.