Breathe In Color
An interactive coloring book that teaches breathing exercises helping children worldwide
Jessica Brittani, the founder of Calm & Colorful, teaches children mindfulness and meditation techniques through coloring books, mindfulness mentoring and other mediums. Known for working with children all over the world, Jessica meets children at their level to teach them these valuable skills that teach them to handle their emotions better. Jessica has grown beyond her work in the classroom focusing on mentoring children virtually and in person.
Text MINDFUL to 474747 Free text with mindfulness tips to your daily life.


"I have known Jessica Brittani for 8 years. During this time she has demonstrated a nurturing and caring nature, as well as a desire to help children and teens become their better selves. She has shown a great level of commitment in her desire to learn new ways of helping children and teens reach their full potential, such as creating a workbook to help kids use breathing as a way of dealing with anxiety. During the last few weeks, she has shown my daughter a unique and loving way to help her learn to love who she is as a person and grow in self-confidence."
~ Lisa, Mother of Maddy, 14 years old
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